Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of stansdream.com?

A. stansdream.com's purpose is to provide research into Stan Meyers' and other related fuel cell technologies.

Where does the money go when I purcase a product?

A. All funds generated from the site go back into research and development of Stan Meyers' and other related fuel cell technologies.

Q. Will you sell my email, name, or any other contact information?
          A. No.

Q. When will I receive my order?

A. After receiving payment, we ship your goods out the next working day. Some items require sourcing or assembly. In these cases, you will be notified by email once your item(s) ship. In some cases, short delays occur, but we will notify you of this prior to shipment.



Q. I want to purchase an item from you, but am worried about
     importing into my country.. Do your customers ever have problems?

A. No. We have shipped to many countries and to date have never had a problem. Sometimes delays occur but these are normal in-transit delays.

Q. Who can purchase from you?

A. Anyone can order from us.


Q. Your payment section includes the option of sending "well-
     concealed cash". Isn't this risky?

A. This payment option is included for those who don't want to go through the hassle of purchasing a money order. As far as safety is concerned, this method is no more risky than any other payment method IF you conceal the cash well. There are billions of letters mailed every year, the chances of someone suspecting there's cash in your envelope is astronomical. However, this is at the buyer's risk, as it's their responsibility to hide the cash well by wrapping it in other papers, etc. If you choose this method, BE SURE to use at least a security envelope or preferably, be sure your cash is wrapped in lots of paper or other lightweight material to help in preventing possible problems. The best practice is to put your envelope in another envelope or package much larger, such as a jiffypak or another envelope:

We have had no problems to date and have only received praise for even faster service in these cases. 


Q. How do I know you will perform the services and terms you

A. We appreciate our customers and will do exactly what we say. Most companies immediately sell your contact information to obtain extra income. We do not. Your information is never stored online in any database and is not sold for any reason. We depend on the simple and often forgotten concept of Honesty. It's as simple as that! To sum it up, we belive as Stan did, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!"

Q. Why Do You Have Stansdream.com.ru?

A. In this field of research, it is evident from Stan's work that some wish to stop it's progress by any means necessary. In the US, there are many trends toward censoring and inhibiting research online, as well as free speech. As Stan used multiple patent authorities in various countries to ensure his designs would not be stopped, we are also expanding to other countries to prevent any interruptions. In the US, the internet is now held hostage by lawyers and thieves who help the government shut down websites at will, simply if they disagree with the content. We can not entrust a solution this important on the word of those who have proven to be liars time and time again. It's a sad day when you have to leave the US in order to keep free speech alive. It must survive and be developed, for the good of all people.

Q. Why Don't You Accept Credit Cards?

A. We could, just like many other online stores, but we have something in mind that many other online websites don't - your privacy. Using a credit card is one of the most vulnerable ways of paying for anything online. Not only can your card and other information be stolen from your system via keyloggers and spyware, third parties can (and do) track every use of the card. The payment methods we use are the most anonymous and cannot be directly linked to you. Also, attackers cannot obtain any data from these methods if used correctly. Compare this with a credit card purchase, where the company simply types in your name and all your purchasing activity is displayed on their computer screens! We strive to provide you with the fastest service along with the highest anonymity.

Q. Why Choose stansdream.com Over Other Websites?


FEATURE: Other Sites: Stansdream.com:
Accepts Truly Anonymous Payments  
Accepts Credit Cards So Your
Purchases Can Be Tracked
& Monitored
Never Sells Your Personal Information  
Is owned and run by Researchers, Not Businessmen  
Sells Mason Jar Cells, Using toxic Chemicals  
Guarantees NO Tracking Cookies, Banners or Spyware Anywhere On Our Website  


Q. What Are Your Terms of Use?

A. You agree to these terms before ordering with us and by using this website. Our Terms of Use is listed HERE.



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