Links relating to Stan's technology as well as other related topics
Offers great analysis of Stan's technology - (maybe we are a little biased!)

General information on water powered car inventors and designs

Good source of hydrogen supplies (mostly traditional electrolysis, non-Meyers parts)

Good forum for development of the fuel cell, just watch out for the haters

Great source of hydrogen cell parts, including Stan Meyer and Bob Boyce designs Stan Meyer

Some original Stan Meyer videos, plus other related ones. Save videos!
Youtube removes anything related to free energy or Stan Meyer without warning!

Info on Stan's hydrogen fracturing process, plus other water researchers

A good forum with info on Meyer's technology as well as other energy devices

A good website for advanced Meyer Fuel Cell Research - Lots of neat stuff

Good forum for Meyer's technology plus many more designs

Forum focused on solving Meyers' designs

Wall of Shame

Deadbeats and People who attempted to scam us

A French company installing Hydrogen Fuel Savers on cars NOW!




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