Tribute To Stan

This is a small video we created as part of our tribute to Stan Meyer.
He literally gave his life, both in many years of research and, ultimately, his life
itself for completing his dream of the water powered car. He was offered over a billion
dollars to shut down his research at the expense of the masses, but he refused. As Jesus
said, "No greater love has any man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".
John 15:13. We will never forget you Stan, and your family that is still with us. Those of us
who believe on Jesus will see you again in heaven, and what a day of rejoicing that will be!




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Stan Meyer Christmas Video


This is a Stan Meyer Christmas video - you can see snow on the ground at Stan's home in Ohio.
Stan takes the dunebuggy for a spin, his house already decked out for Christmas.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!



(6MB .FLV Video)


Stan Meyer Discusses the Dunebuggy Resonant Cavity Controller

Stan Meyer, while in New Zealand, discusses the concepts behind the Dunebuggy resonant cavity controller circuit.
More specifically, the resonant scanning portion of the circuit. This is the same circuit as our resonant cavity
controller. It constantly adjusts itself to the optimum frequency for the water cell and type of water that it
is filled with. As Stan explains, each type of water has a different 'tune-in' frequency. This is a small excerpt
from the full video which is available on our Stan Meyer DVD collection. As always, Stan's concepts are very
simple and all comply with the existing laws of energy. It is obvious that God helped Stan discover these
concepts - He created the elements to begin with!



(7MB .FLV Video)


Stan Meyer Tuning The Dunebuggy In His Garage


Clips of Stan Meyer tuning the dunebuggy in his garage in Ohio. You can see he is adjusting the oscilloscope
waveform and measuring the duty cycle of the electronics. He is able to vary the RPM of the engine by
adjusting a pot on the control circuit. This is the same box our resonant cavity controller PCB is taken
from. It, together with other control circuits, form the dunebuggy control computer, which drove the
resonant cavity, and ultimately, the dunebuggy itself, on nothing but water.



(7MB .FLV Video)


Stan Meyer's Dunebuggy In Action


This video shows some of the basics of Stan's dunebuggy, as well as some great shots of it driving down the road.
In the last shot, you will notice a guy in the back of the dunebuggy turning a dial - his job is to constantly
adjust the system so it stays in resonance, generating the most gas with the lowest input. Stan improved on his
design and made changes as he went on. He eventually came up with the solid state circuit which monitored the fuel
cell and self-adjusted itself to maintain a resonance condition. He eventually boiled all this down to water spark
plugs. The same dunebuggy was used for all revisions.



(14MB .FLV Video)


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