Narrowband EFIE Module - Assembled PCB

Narrowband EFIE Module - Assembled PCB
Narrowband EFIE Module - Assembled PCB
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This is a narrowband EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injector Enhancer)
It comes fully assembled and ready to connect to your vehicle. Intended for use with a fuel saver device,
it is connected to your vehicle's computer and prevents it from adding more gasoline when it 'sees' the
extra oxygen gas generated from your HHO cell. Features isolation circuit to protect your oxygen sensor.
Simply connect the wires, turn on the switch and adjust for best miles per gallon. Save fuel now!
Works with most older vehicles. Adjusts one oxygen sensor.


 Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What kind of fuel cell can I use with it?

A. The Narrowband EFIE module will work with any HHO generator, as it only interfaces with your vehicle's oxygen sensor and does not connect to the HHO generator itself


Q. Will it work on my vehicle?

A. The Narrowband EFIE module works with most older vehicles. If your oxygen sensor has four or less wires coming from it, then you most likely have a narrowband oxygen sensor, and this module will work with it. If you have more than five wires coming from the oxygen sensor, then you most likely have a wideband sensor, which this board will NOT work with. We offer a module that will work with these newer wideband oxygen sensors. If in doubt, email us your vehicle's Make, Model and Year to confirm compatibility


Q. What are some vehicle makes / models that this module will work on?

A. This module has been used on the following vehicles:

1988 Plymouth Reliant
1985 Dodge Caravan
2001-2003 Civic DX, LX, EX Civics



Q. Will this let me run my car on 100% water?

A. No, it will not run it completely on water, but will allow you to use less gasoline than you would without it. The ultimate goal is to REPLACE gasoline, but we must work one step at a time. Using less gasoline is a first step while we further develop Stan's work



Q. What does the acronym 'EFIE' stand for?

A. Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer



Q. Can I just use this without a HHO generator to save fuel?

A. No, the EFIE is not designed to be a fuel saver by itself. You should always use it with a device that is designed to get more energy out of the same fuel, such as a hydrogen gas electrolyzer, water fuel cell, or other device that gathers more power out of the same fuel by increasing the efficiency of the burn.



Q. What is the difference between the PCB and the deluxe version?

A. Both versions are electrically the same. We offer the bare pcb version to those who wish to do it themselves, saving money. The deluxe version is already assembled, enclosed and labeled. The labor and time involved is reflected in the price difference. Both versions are fully assembled and ready to connect. If you want to use the module in another enclosure or inside another box in your vehicle, we recommend the bare pcb model. If you wish to have the module by the driver's seat where you can make adjustments, then we recommend the deluxe version. Once adjusted, the efie will maintain the same setting for long periods of time, unless you wish to make fine tuning adjustments for the best fuel economy

Q. Aren't engines already set for optimum fuel economy?

A. No. Designs are improving, but the best fuel economy has long been suppressed to maintain demand for gasoline. Here is an interesting fact to illustrate this: Most vehicles only burn about 20 to 25% of the gasoline supplied to them, with the rest being released through the exhaust. Need we say more? There is obviously much room for improvement in this area, and the EFIE is just one tool that helps to make that improvement happen. Lower emissions, more miles per gallon, good for everyone

Q. Did Stan use an EFIE in his designs?

A. No, Stan had no need for using an EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer), as he ran pure HHO gas and adjusted the burn rate of hydrogen to co-equal that of fossil fuel. In short, he slowed the burn rate down so the HHO gas burned just like gasoline. To date, no one has solved all of Stan's designs, so we are offering a hybrid design, something that will help people save on gasoline Now - while we are solving Stan's advanced, final designs. Stan did not use an EFIE in his final designs, but we need to start somewhere, and saving some on gasoline is a lot better than saving none!


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